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The Integrated Development Academy


“True wealth is who you are, not what you have.”

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The Integrated Martial Arts/Self-Development Academy classes are held at the following venues and times;

Accredited Instructor: Michael Green

(Integrated Martial Arts Academy & Integrated Development Academy)

Integrated Wellbeing Centre: Every Monday from 4:30pm till 5:45pm

Dundowran Hall: Every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6pm till 7:30pm

Integrated Wellbeing Centre: Every Wednesday night from 6:45pm till 8:30pm

Contact Mick for more details. . 0402 992 074 or click here to send Mick an email


Accredited Instructor: Tahnee MacKenzie

Contact Tahnee for more details. . 0475 220 602 or click here to send Tahnee an email


***Extra MMA, Grappling, Muay Thai & Boxing Classes Are Available***

Brendan Severino

(MMA Grappling & BJJ Techniques)

Contact Brendan for more details. . 0488 073 071or click here to send Brendan an email


Amit Singh

(Muay Thai & Boxing)

Contact Amit for more details. . click here to send Amit an email


Tony Green

Contact Tony for more details. . 0419 798 094 or click here to send Tony an email



Integrated MMA classes in Brisbane

click here>>>Integrated MMA Brisbane

(the Brisbane Integrated MMA timetable can be accessed through their website link above)

* IMMA classes in the Sunshine Coast are also available !

For info contact: Rob Giuffrida: 0422371411

* Click on the link to go directly to the Sunshine Coast Integrated MMA website Integrated MMA & Fitness - Sunshine Coast


Download the Integrated Academy's Equipment & Supplies Catalogue;

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